Network Monitoring tool & Server Monitoring Software

The ServersCheck Monitoring is a web based network monitoring software and server monitoring tool.

The software will monitor your network for bandwidth, outages, performance issues (reported over SNMP), keep an eye on data routing and much more. When you monitor servers, the software will make sure that all processes are running, that the required services are up and all disks are fine. But that is just a small list of items that the software can do to ensure that your server room is well monitored in terms of network and systems uptime.

In total it has over 60 different types of checks and is available in 38 languages. The check types enable you to perform server monitoring and network monitoring by running following checks: TCP, PING, TRACERT, DNS, URL, HTTP Content and Status, HTTP HEADER, FTP, TRAFFIC, BANDWIDTH, SNMP, SNMP TRAP, POP3, SMTP, EMAIL, LOTUS NOTES, PERFORMANCE COUNTERS, SERVICES, EVENT LOG, CPU, MEMORY, DISK SPACE, LINUX DISK, LINUX MEMORY, LINUX PROCESS, ORACLE, MS SQL, ODBC, CISCO WORKS, DELL OPEN MANAGE, MAXDATA, and much more.

When problems are detected, then it will alert you via cell phone text messages (SMS), e-mail, MSN and much more. It can even take corrective actions by restarting a server or service. Alerts can be sent to multiple people in different ways depending on day of the week and time of the day. Unacknowledged alerts can be esclated. For SMS messages you can use any PDU GSM compliant modem, like the Falcom SAMBA 75 USB GSM/GPRS/EDGE modems that we sell, or use the Internet SMS option through ClickATell.

The network and server monitoring software runs on Windows based systems (XP/2000/2003/VISTA). It is managed via a browser and runs either in HTTP or HTTPS mode.