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When Your PC Hard Drive Goes Flat – Keep Rolling With BounceBack!

BounceBack Ultimate disaster recovery and backup software enables you to create an exact copy of the entire contents of your Windows PC hard drive, including the partitioning, formatting, operating system, data files, applications, pictures, music, video and personal settings. Think of this as a “Digital Spare Tire” for your PC! Using BounceBack Ultimate’s patent-pending “Instant PC Recovery” you can start-up your PC directly from your external USB hard drive in the event of an operating system malfunction, or even a mechanically failed hard drive.

BounceBack Ultimate backup software not only keeps you rolling when your PC goes flat, it also provides an easy-to-use path for restoring all of your data back to your PC’s internal hard drive. Simply click on “One-Button Recovery” while your PC is started from your external USB storage device and all of your data, including your operating system, applications, personal settings and data will be restored to either a new or to the existing PC hard drive.

* Instant PC Recovery – Boot From USB Devices
* Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
* Keep Sensitive Files Secure with Encryption
* Native File Format Backup
* Files Are Accessible On Any PC!
* Creates a Bootable Drive
* Backup To Multiple Destinations
* Automate Backups with Built-In Scheduling
* Maintain Point in Time Versions
* Synchronize Data Between Work and Home